il cinturino

The Company - "Il Cinturino" of Arignano

Our craftmade laboratory, which has been manufacturing leathers for many years, has pursued the purpose to get the maximum of the good quality at a competitive price. The choices our company made through the years, justify and partly help to understand how we arrived to today high-quality production. Our business location is very particular: an old countryside house lodges in perfect harmony the workshop of production, the offices and a stable supplied with several horses.
An old hayloft became a luminous laboratory, the cows' stable turned into a spacious and functional office. Several trees, the green and the quiet of the Monferrato hills help to create an particularly serene environment even if very active.

The passion for horses and for ancient jobs induced our company founders to go to visit the old italian artisan saddlers and to start looking for leather, saddles, harness and everything else that could be useful for riding.

Our production range derives from these traditional techniques of leathers manufacturing, which have been then transported into the world of watch straps.

The strength of our proposal is the quality of our straps: the leathers we use are the best ones in the market, the endurance of the parts (attach bend, fastening bouckle etc) is insured by not tearing materials, the manufacturings go from the remborded to hand to the finish with coast to wax on the cut-edge, the seams are of the saddler type either by hand or machine, our choise of models is based according to characteristics of sobriety and elegance along with a serious search of the market tendencies.

To create your strap directly on-line, we ask you to follow the simple instructions which will drive you to create the article of your interest and show it directly on the screen as the one that would be realized.

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